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  • Awkward Moments At Airport During Security Check

    Whoever needs to fly due to work or other stuff has to go through thorough checking before they take their flight. Day by day the security system has become stronger and strict. Sometimes the strict measures taken by these agents of security are not only strict but also becomes embarrassing to pe..

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  • The Poorest Escaped #NoteBandi: They Have no Money

    Dressed in a white dhoti, with a bright pink tilak on his forehead, Chandu Kokre herded sheep along national highway 60, 30 km southeast of Mumbai, India's financial capital. "It doesn't matter to us," the thin 28-year-old said when asked about the Indian government's delegitimising of Rs 500 and Rs..

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  • When will Children Become a Political Priority, Asks Kailash Satyarthi
    When will Children Become a Political Priority, Asks Kailash Satyarthi

    Notwithstanding the suffering of the common people, Kailash Satyarthi supports the governments demonetisation move as it will help curb trafficking, but the Nobel laureate and child-rights crusader asserts that unless and until children become a political priority, India will continue to be dogged b..

  • Food Fortification: A Step to End Malnutrition
    Food Fortification

    Malnutrition has been one of the persistent problems of India. Despite years of rapid economic growth, India has a higher prevalence of malnutrition among children. Even as malnutrition among children has shown some downfall since 2006, it is still well below the global nutrition targets adopted by ..

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  • Gloom That Besets the Widows Colony
    Gloom That Besets the Widows Colony

    The long years that have gone by ever since the tragic riots that targeted Sikhs all over Delhi still cast their shadow on poor dependents of those who were mercilessly slain by blood thirsty mobs since no justice has ever since come the way of many survivors, finds Junaid Kathju In the labyrint..

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  • Festivals’ Evil Effect on Environment
    Festivals’ Evil Effect

    Irresponsible celebration of various festivals degrades the environment around us. Large-scale awareness for practicing eco-friendly celebration is the need of the hour India is a land where people celebrate many festivals through-out the year. These range from marking the changes of seasons, fa..

  • New Strand of Fundamentalism Surfaces in Kashmir
    kasmhir unrest

    With no sign of the unrest in Kashmir subsiding, the state is passing through one of the worst phases of its history. The scene has been made gloomier by the fact that both the Centre and the state government appear to be clueless about a solution. Although Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti believes ..

  • ‘Hitler’ May Not Return: An Ode To A Stray Dogs

    Over the years, I have always been fascinated by dogs but never the stray dogs in our neighbourhood. On many occasions, after seeing well-trained dogs in homes, the thought has taken shape in my mind as well, why not one in my home too. But, this has never become a reality for manifold reasons, i..

  • From Pathankot to Uri Multiple Agencies Multiply Risk
    Pathankot to Uri

    Lieutenant General Rameshwar Roy (retired) talks about the vulnerability of military hubs in the wake of recent attack on Brigade Headquarters at Uri in Jammu and Kashmir. Excerpts from the interview The recent attacks by fidayeens on different military bases in Jammu and Kashmir have rai..

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  • Xi’s Bangladesh Visit: Why Dhaka Sees Beijing, Delhi Ties Through Different Lenses
    Xi's Bangladesh Visit

    Arriving at Dhaka's Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is always a happy moment for me. It was no different earlier this month when I went as a participant at the South Asia Economic Cooperation conference. A surprising traffic-free ride to the hotel was interspersed with an unlikely silent p..