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  • Indo-Pak: A Rare Rendezvous

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  • Beyond Analysis: A Policy to Shun Policy

    Despite earning the dubious distinction of veering towards trivia, the media merrily goes on wafting emotive and jingoistic stuff at the cost of issues like GST – Goods and Services Tax. This winter, Delhi experienced a bewildering predicament. Instead of dropping down, the temperatures around par..

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  • How Capetown Could Help India Fight TB
    TB Patient

    What is common to Amitabh Bachchan and Nelson Mandela? Both are icons in their respective fields, both have entire nations swearing by them and both are tuberculosis survivors. While one has been talking to one of the worst TB affected populations in the world about the importance of seeking medical..

  • Indo-Pak: A Rare Rendezvous
    Narendra Modi-Nawaj Sharif

    India and Pakistan staged the other a virtual diplomatic coup that brought together the Prime Ministers of the two countries at Lahore though for as short a time as for a couple of hours only. Will this lead to a turnaround in the relationship of the two neighbours? Opinion is deeply divided on this..

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  • An All New Beginning!!! Making Women Count
    Women empowerment

    Kavita is the editor of Khabar Lahariya (News Waves), an eight-page weekly published in Uttar Pradesh in certain rural dialects of Hindi, including Bundeli, Bajjika dialects besides Avadhi. She is a sterling example of the success of the Mahila Samakhya (MS) programme that has helped mobilise rural ..

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  • Modi has Fallen at Pakistan’s Feet–Hiding behind the Mask of PEACE…!!!

    Narendra Modi's surprise visit to Pakistan has triggered more losses than gains. Though there are millions who would argue than it's a welcome or courageous move on the part of India, it all boils down to the end results. Has anything changed on the groud? Nothing! Has Pakistan stopped infiltrating ..

  • Has Narendra Modi Already Bowed Down to Terror by Visiting Pakistan?

    One statement that has always been there in my mind and time and again proved right is---the clouds that thunder never rain. Once again the very statement has become true and how! Having lambasted Congress for inviting Pakistani leader and taking dinner in the wake of t..

  • From Venice of East to Beautiful Prison
    Kashmir issue

    Kashmir history is incomplete without Lal Chowk (Red Square). If Kashmir is the body, then Lal Chowk is its soul. Kashmir has witnessed many ups and downs, so has Lal Chowk. Kashmir, once famous for its diversity, has now gone into a slumber. There are numerous historians, intellectuals and keen obs..

  • Harsh Reality!! No Health Care for Poor in India

    Batul, 60, has been camping at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, for over two months to get her 25-year-old daughter Gunaz treated for acid injuries. Gunaz, an embroidery worker in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur, drank acid “out of a fit of rage” in August. The inci..