Ajay Devgn Shares Wife Kajol’s Phone Number On Twitter

September 25, 2018

Ajay Devgan is often seen in Tuf Look on his film set. But according to their co-stars, the harder they look than the outside, they are equally prankish from inside. Recently Ajay Devgan shared his wife Kajol’s Whatsapp number on social media. After seeing Kajol’s number, the fans were very surprised at the social media. In such a situation, social media users started questioning Ajay why he did this why. In such a way, Ajay Devgan later told that what was the reason behind doing this.

Ajay wrote in his first tweet’s reply: ‘Prank on film sets. You were tried at the people. ‘ Let me tell you, Ajay, in his tweet, shared Kajol’s Whatsapp number earlier in the tweet, “Kajol is not in the country. Co-ordinate with them on WhatsApp- 9820123300. ‘

Many people have begun to speculate after Ajay’s tweet appears that Ajay would be sending a message to anyone, but by mistake he would have sent this message to Twitter. Apart from this, many were even talking about their Twitter account being hacked. At the same time, many fans sent Kajol a message on WhatsApp and confirmed that it was Kajol’s number or not.
A man sent a message to Kajol on WhatsApp and also instructed that they change this number. The man said further- Because many people like him can trouble to send Kajol to the message. Many people started to troll Ajay on this issue of sharing this number. After this Ajay, himself cleaned everything through another tweet.


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