Santa Banta Pvt Ltd Review: Senseless Movie with All Pain, No Gain

April 23, 2016
Santa Banta Pvt Ltd Review: Senseless Movie with All Pain, No Gain

The list of those 2016 films which you’d like to watch until the credits, we tell you today how ‘Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd.’ will make you feel horrible in its own special, unique way. Having survived over 122 minutes of non-stop crassness, the film comes up with precisely two laughs.

The film revolves around Santeshwar Singh role played by Boman Irani and Banteshwar Singh role played by Vir Das two village idiots from Punjab. They are hired as undercover detectives and special agents, and coincidentally referred to as Santa and Banta. They are flown to Fiji to help the team unearth the whereabouts of an abducted Indian high commissioner.

It is a string of strangely ridiculous situations, horrible song sequences, cringe-worthy moments, Santa-Banta conversations that are filled with the stupidest of puns and performances that are simply lazy and horrible.

This film gives annoying a new meaning. It takes special kind of talent to make something as boring, ridiculous, vain and unfunny as this. It will be blasphemous to call it a comedy. The fact that it stars the funny guy Vir Das and the witty Boman Irani, is a shame. The lethargic writing and amateurish humour doesn’t have a hint of vibrancy. It is as dull as dull gets and even triple strength Americano can’t help you stay awake while watching this muddled mess.

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