Enjoy Your Snack Time With Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

September 7, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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    Enjoy Your Snack Time With Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

    Enjoy Your Snack Time With Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

    We all love popcorn, in our snacks or while watching movie or TV. But this time we are making sweet popcorn or we can say chocolate popcorn. It is easy to prepare. So check out the recipe.


    Milk Chocolate

    Dark Chocolate

    Golden Syrup



    Flaked Almonds

    Salted Peanuts


    Pumpkin Seeds

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    Add Chocolate

    Take a bowl add 150 grams milk chocolate in it.

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    Add Dark Chocolate

    Now in the same bowl add 150 grams dark chocolate.

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    Add Butter

    Now add 100 grams butter. You can also use salted butter.

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    Add Golden Syrup

    Now squeeze 150 grams golden syrup in it.

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    Melt It

    Now melt all the things on a very low flame. so it will not burn.

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    Prepare Popcorn

    Take another bowl and add 152 grams popcorn in it. You can take popcorn as per the people are used to eat it.

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    Add Almonds

    Now add 50 grams flaked almonds in the bowl.

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    Add Peanuts

    Now add 50 grams peanuts. You can also add salted peanuts in the bowl.

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    Add Raisins

    Now add 50 grams raisins in it.

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    Add Pumpkin Seeds

    Now add 50 grams pumpkin seeds in it. Pumpkin seeds are optional. You can also add crushed pistachios if you like. Mix everything properly in a bowl.

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    Add Chocolate Syrup

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    After getting melt the chocolate syrup pour into the popcorn and mix it properly. You can also add more peanuts in it. Mix everything properly and coat the popcorn with chocolate.

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    Freeze It

    After mixing everything transfer the popcorn in a baking tray where you have to prepare a tin in which the chocolate can easily freeze. You can used tin with paper and freeze it for few hours or for overnight.

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    Serve It

    Now you chocolate popcorn is ready. So keep it out from the refrigerator cut it into pieces and serve it immediately or you can store it in a air tight container.

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