Amazing Shiva Temple Near Bhavnagar in Arabian Sea

August 3, 2016

shivlinga under sea water

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Nishkalangeshwar Mahadev temple, the name itself shows the meaning and importance of this holy place in Gujarat which is in Arabian sea near Bhava Nagar. This Shiva temple is about 1.5 kilometers into the sea.

The place has significant historic value. A legend behind the holy temple takes us to the time of ‘Mahabharat’.

After the war of ‘Mahabharat’ over, to remove the sins which were done by them during the war pandavas, five brothers, sons of Kunti, came here and made 5 Shiva Lingas at this place to worship lord shiva.

Think of a temple in such weirdest of places. Its under the sea! Our temples are built over the hills and mountains, inside the caves, at the sea shore, near the water falls where ever nature reveals itself in all its splendor and immaculate beauty.



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