Drivers of School Auto Rickshaws and Vans Go on Strike From Today

February 3, 2016
overcrowded rickshaw

The owners and drivers of school auto rickshaws and school vans went on strike today against the seizing of the vehicles by traffic police. During the last week, traffic police has started the procedure to seize the vehicles and due to that the parents are facing harassment. For the safety of children, the government ruled that 6 children up to age 12 can be seated officially.

According to a press release from the Association of Ahmedabad School rikshaw, traffic police has seized more than 200 School rickshaws and vans a day and heavily fined them with Rs 5000.

A rich amount of Rs 10 lakh is collected in a day.

The regulations are violated by the owners and drivers of school auto rickshaws and school vans. School auto rickshaws are seen overcrowded with children. Also the children are seen in number of around 15 to 18 in van and it has been too risky for the lives of children.

With this regard, Gujarat government has issued a letter and Gujarat High Court has ordered drivers of school rickshaws and school vans to obey the instructions and take children according to the given instructions of letter. Whereas drivers of school rickshaws and school vans have already ensured to follow the rules and also ensured that from the school’s new session, they will not carry more children.

Drivers of school rickshaws and school vans had sought time of two months to put in practice the rules. But, the traffic commissioner has refused to accept the demand. So, angry drivers went on strike from today.


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