Hardik Patel Declares Will On Day 9 Of Hunger Strike Over Patidar Quota

September 3, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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Patidar leader Hardik Patel released his will on the ninth day of his uncertain hunger strike on Sunday. He is on hunger strike demanding reservations for the community and the debt forgiveness of the farmers. A Patidar leader said that Patel had distributed his property between his parents, a sister, the kin of 14 young people killed during the quota movement in 2015.

Explain that Hardik Patel is on strike from 25 August and They demand that the Patidar youth be given reservation in government jobs and also the debt of the farmers is waived. Leaders and various political parties including Congress, NCP and RJD have met Hardik Patel in the last nine days.

However, the BJP government has not yet interfered. Doctors claimed Hardik Patel’s health was deteriorating. He has not eaten anything for the last nine days. He has not been drinking water for the past 36 hours. He said that Patel has prepared a will for “considering the advice of the doctor about his poor health”.

According to the will of the Hirdak, 50 thousand rupees are in his bank account. Of which 20 thousand rupees will be given to their mother and the rest will be donated to the Gaushala located in their native village Vermamgam.

Hardik Patel has a car in his property, The life insurance policy has also been announced. According to the will, the royalties of the insurance policy, the car and the book being written on them are divided into three parts. Out of which 15 percent of their parents, 15 percent of their sister and the remaining 70 percent quota demand will be received by families of 14 platoon youth killed in the violence.

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