If You Want Water Connections, Pay for It: Gujarat CM

June 11, 2016
aanandiben patel

AHMEDABAD: Chief Minister Anandiben Patel today inaugurated three water distribution centers of which 1 in Maktampur(Juhapura) and 2 in Nikol which are benefiting over 2 lakh citizens.

On the occasion, Gujarat CM addresses the people. She told in her speech that residents of the regions who want to apply for water connections will have to pay for it.

She told about the payment for the connection when people from crowd demanded that they too should be given water connections.

She was in Ahmedabad yesterday for the inauguration of water distribution centers and 820 housing units that have been constructed under Mukhyamantri Awas Yojana for slum rehabilitation.

She assured that the state government is committed to provide housing for all in the state.

Anandiben Patel’s Government had previously announced that it shall construct five lakh affordable houses in the state. On Friday she also gave away 820 houses constructed as a part of the slum rehabilitation project in Gujarat.

On the occasion she also said that in the past the people, staying in the slums were given only promises, but the Gujarat Government has ensured that their dream of having their own house with all modern facilities is fulfilled.


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