African Country Banned Internet Services During High School Exam

June 25, 2018

The African country made such arrangements that became the eyes for the whole world. In the African country Algeria, the high school examination was going to take place. The Algerian government banned internet services in the country to get rid of high school’s exam. The mobile and fix internet line was closed for the whole country for two hours. In an interview with AFP, Algeria’s telecom department said, “We have tried to ensure that the high school exams can be done comfortably, according to the government’s instructions.”
The Blackout, which was previously scheduled, continued through the whole round of examination from Monday. This was done because of the prevention of copying more than 7,00,000 students who took the exam. Due to imitation of the examination held in 2016, the government had to face heavy fiasco. The copyists had uploaded the question papers on social media at that time. When the exam was about to begin. Even last year, the authorities had requested the operators to close their social media sites. But this did not solve the problem.
Education Minister Nouria Bengharbitt said, “Those who came late in the examination concluded on 20th June were barred from taking the exam. Later, it was decided to conduct a separate test for them.
All the Internet users, such as mobile and tablet, were put on the test premises by over 2,000 exam centers. The metal detectors were installed at the entrance to the examination centers. Mobile phone jammers were installed to prevent the question paper being leaked. Surveillance cameras were also used in the examination paper.


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