BJP CM Like Yogi Cannot Walk With Everyone, He Has Only Took One Caste Ahead: Former MP BJP

March 15, 2018

After the defeat in the Lok Sabha by-elections, the opposition has started arising from within the BJP. This time, the pair of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah is on the target. Together with Yogi Adityanath, the opposition leaders are also opening the front.

Azamgarh, former BJP MP Ramakant Yadav opened a front against the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath by holding a press conference.

Speaking directly on the Chief Minister Yogi, Ramakant Yadav said, “how would people associated with worshiped will run the government, how many days will the government run?” People like the yogi cannot walk with everyone. When the Yogi became CM, I thought that he would go with all of them, but he only carried out the task of pursuing one caste, this resulted in wrong messages in other castes and entire states.

Former MP Ramakant said that this is the state election; the responsibility of defeat is not on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but to the state organization and the Chief Minister. In the same way, if the Dalit and backward people will be neglected in the government, then in 2019 this will happen again to BJP.


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