Bollywood Actor Inder Kumar’s SUICIDE Video Is Getting Viral On Internet

May 14, 2018

Bollywood actor Inder Kumar died on July 28 last year due to heart attack. It was told that he was running ill for a long time and had a heart attack around midnight. His death at the age of 43 was a huge hobby for the Bollywood people. However, now a video on which a video is being viral is being said that it was shot right before the death.

Seeing a viral video on social media, people and their fans are saying that they have committed suicide, while recording their pain, they have also given their pain. However, even after the death, his death was in the course of questions. It was said that they had already realized their death before the death. Inder, in fact, filed a post on Instagram in the year 2016, about a year in which his caption was written with caption ‘Happiness’ and after that he did not post anything on his instagram.

After this, just a day before his death, i.e. 27 July 2017, he posted a picture in which caption had written ‘Peace’ ie peace. However, along with this we would also like to point out that the account of Inder, which has been shared with this post, is not a verified account. Although, people were estimating different types of Inder both these posts, but now this video has created a strange movement between the fans.

However, some reports also show that this video is not related to suicide, but it is a part of its upcoming movie. However, it is being said that Inder’s wife will be holding a press conference shortly after this video and she will tell the truth behind it.


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