Ghaziabad Woman Registered A Case Of Sexual Harassment On Self Style Godman Ashu Guru Ji Aka Asif Khan

September 12, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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jyotishacharya and palmistry expert Ashu Maharaj, who is telling people the future of many news channels, is now himself in trouble. A woman from Ghaziabad of UP has filed a case against Ashu Baba for sexual harassment of herself and her minor daughter. Now when the Crime Branch of Delhi has started investigating this matter, then new disclosures have been started every day.

Ashu Baba or Ashu Bhai Guruji, who claims to be astrologer and astrologer, is actually Asif Khan. Ashu alias Asif has several houses in Delhi. It has a house in the young enclaves of Pritampura, Delhi. In Rohini’s Sector-7B, in 4 / 77-78, he had made an ashram. He continued to exploit people for years with the help of this fake identity.

In fact, a woman from Ghaziabad of UP and her minor daughter lodged a complaint against her son and friend along with Baba in Hauz Khas police station in south Delhi. The woman has made serious allegations of sexual harassment against all of them. Police have registered a case under Poxo Act in this regard.

According to the report of Jagaran, police officials of south district told that 40-year-old victim is from UP’s Indirapuram in Ghaziabad. The woman told the Hauzkhas police station that she knew Ashu Baba from the year 2008. Her daughter was then six years old. Daughter had a disease of polio.

For the daughter’s treatment, she came in contact with Ashu Baba for the first time. The accused Baba asked to bring the daughter to Rohini’s ashram. I have been accused of shouting that Ashu Baba used to massage and massage the baby. This trend continued until the year 2013. The victim went to Baba’s Rohini Ashram on the festival of Deepawali in 2013. The allegation is that the ashram’s manager gave him a drink of infertile drink. After this, Baba and his associates committed gang rape with the victim.

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