UP Government Gifts Condoms And Pregnancy Test To Newly Wed Couples

May 16, 2018

Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath has planned to give a special gift to the newly married couples in the state as an omen. The government has now started this scheme in 57 districts. This new scheme of the UPA Government is a part of the ‘New Initiative’ scheme run by the National Health Mission.

Now the health department will divide the items used in daily use such as comb, speck, napkin and towel, in addition to the condom packet, contraceptive medicines, pregnancy test kits, as omen to newly wedded joints in these districts. There will also be Marriage registration form inside this omen. This kit of the omen will also be a letter from the health department. This letter will have written about the benefits of family planning. Through this letter, the newly married couples will be encouraged to keep the family limited to 2 children, with the help of family planning and population control.

In fact, the Government’s motivation behind such ominous shock is to make people more aware of family planning. The 57 districts which have been included in the scheme now, the birth rate is very high. This scheme has also been started in Allahabad. The responsibility of delivering this obeisance to newly married couples has been entrusted to Asha workers. One particular thing is that the number of hope workers and other health workers will also be given within this gift so that people can talk directly to them about any kind of information about kit.


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