OMG_!! This Photo Of COW Wearing A BRA Is Going Viral On Internet

May 16, 2018

These days, a similar picture of the cow is becoming viral on social media, in which a farmer has put his cow in a bra, which has caused a ruckus everywhere. This case is from Scotland, where a farmer made such a gimmick for his cow. Not only this, the farmer was also successful in it. About this, it came to light when the farmer’s neighbor, A neighbor, took a picture of the cow and shared it on his twitter that necessity is the mother of invention.

Now you should also be wondering how the cow’s goodness can be done by doing so. So let us tell you there are four thons of cows and the calf does not like to drink milk from the past.

The calves release milk from the forward posters and release the last posture but if the milk does not come out from the four stools, then the swelling of the cow’s thun comes which is known as the mastitis. The cow feels pain in the same way that human beings have a pain in their breast. The disease is common in local animals.

Considering this problem happening to the cow, the farmer took the idea that if the forward pins are covered then work will be done. After which the farmer covered two other posters of the cow with his wife’s bra so that the stalks of the cow can be hidden from the calf and as we all know that is always successful. The farmer saved the poor health of the cow.


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