One More Cabinet Asked by BJP ally Shiv Sena

November 7, 2014
shiv sena ask for cabinet ministry to bjp

Shiv Sena is sharing the tough tiff with the long ally BJP. Shiv Sena might be a part of the BJP government in Maharashtra or not it has asked for more from PM Narendra Modi as he expands his Union Cabinet.

Maharashtra’s local political party Shiv Sena has demanded that it would want to have one more cabinet ministry in the expansion. Shiv Sena leader stated that that if BJP would not agree to its demand, then there was no point in joining the BJP government in Maharashtra.

It is important to note that Shiv Sena’s demand come after BJP rejected its claim for a deputy chief minister post to its MP in Maharashtra.

AS Maharashtra’s newly elected Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis denied the possibility of Sena ministers being accommodated before the vote of confidence, the Sena now wants BJP to show its ‘commitment to the alliance’ by inducting at least one more Sena minister in the Modi Cabinet.

A senior Shiv Sena Leader clearly stated that, “When Uddhav decided to come for the swearing in on the call of BJP leaders, the understanding was that our MLAs would be sworn in before Fadnavis wins the vote of confidence. However, BJP has ruled it out. So effectively it wants us to support it in the vote of confidence without even telling us what portfolios we would be given. If BJP is serious in our support in Maharashtra, we need a Cabinet berth at the Centre”.

Reliable Shiv Sena sources stated that the party has decided that it won’t wait after Sunday. If the party is not given a good Union Cabinet berth, then it might announce the name of the Opposition Leader in Maharashtra. Uddhav held a meeting of top Sena leaders on Thursday, where it was decided that the party would wait till the Union Cabinet expansion on Sunday.

A leader added that, “The overwhelming feeling in the Sena was that BJP was bent on humiliating it and Sena should sit in the opposition. It is unfortunate that our leadership is taking such humiliation lying down. We should sit in the opposition”.

There are reports of former Shiv Sena MP Suresh Prabhu could get a ministerial cabinet in the center. Suresh Prabhu was a former Power Minister during Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Government. At that time, Suresh was fallen out with the Shiv Sena leadership and was asked to quit the Vajpayee government.

But in current scenario where negotiation is tough nut to crack for Sena, they are helpless to prevent Prabhu’s entry into the government.


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