Thank God Delhi Police is under Centre: BS Bassi

January 4, 2016
Police Commissioner BS Bassi

NEW DELHI: On Monday, Delhi Police held their annual press conference. The Police Commissioner BS Bassi stressed on the safety of women and hinted that he was glad that Delhi Police comes under Central government. 

“2015 was a very satisfactory year for Delhi Police,” said BS Bassi while addressing the press conference.

“Used digital technology for time saving so that we can divert our energy for further important tasks,” added Bassi.

“We are always worried about security of women. It will be our pleasure to shoot or hang accused in cases of crime against women if law permits us,” said Bassi. “90 per cent of theft cases were going undetected because some policemen were hiding truth, but now I have ensured that no officer will tell a lie,” Bassi further added.

“Thank God Delhi Police is under Centre,” said Bassi hinting at the ongoing rift between Delhi government and Delhi Police. Bassi asked the young police officers to try and take the issue of women security forward.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has always attacked the city police accusing it to be thoroughly corrupt. Kejriwal demands the police to be under the Delhi government.


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