SHOCKING!! Top 10 Sex Scandals of Indian Politicians

May 27, 2018 Author: Rajesh Mishra
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Suresh Ram sex scandal (1978):

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Jagjivan Ram could well have been the first Dalit Prime Minister of independent India, had his son not entrapped in a sex scandal that came to light when everything was going in favour of Jagjivan Ram. Indira Gandhi was  defeated in the Janata Party wave in 1977 and Jagjivan Ram was a favourite for the PM post as he had broken away from  the Congress and had a good reputation as an experienced politician and able administrator.

Several Indian politicians have been accused of rape or sex scandals. Despite being the lawmakers, they have hurt the image of the country by being involved into dirty acts. More often than not they have always escaped from being punished—thanks only to their massive money and muscle power.

Willing to discover the top sex scandals of Indian politicians? Here you go!




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