VIDEO: BJP President Amit Shah Get Angry On Female During Live Speech In Karnataka

May 10, 2018

The campaign for Karnataka assembly elections is in its last phase. Here the leaders of all the parties are leaving no shortage of publicity. From BJP to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, all the ministers of the government are also working hard to ensure victory of their party in the electoral battle.

BJP president Amit Shah has been holding election rallies in Karnataka for the last few months for the elections to be held on May 12. Mangalwar also came to address an election rally in the state’s Nellamangala Vishhan Sabha. Here Amit Shah was delivering a speech on the platform, but something happened between the speech that he got angry with his translator. This happened not once but twice, after which the female translator had to hand over Mike to someone else’s hands.

Actually, Amit Shah was present on the forum with field leaders. He was giving speeches in Hindi from the forum and while the female translator standing on the platform was translating him into Kannada. Amit Shah, on the spot, targeted Rahul Gandhi and said, अरे रहुल बाबा आप प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी को चैलेंज कर रहे हो। Translating this to Kannada translator using adjectives word ‘vishwaguru’. Seeing this, Amit Shah shrugged the translator on the same platform, saying, ‘Do not translate what I am saying, do not add to your mind. When did I say vishwaguru? Don’t do this.’


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