Watch Inspiring Video Of Dutch PM Mark Rutte Mops Floor After Spilling Coffee

June 6, 2018

A video of the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is becoming quite viral on social media. In fact, in this video, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands has been seen cleaning up the Dutch Parliament and cleaning it. Video of this incident has been shared by Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra on his Twitter account.

In his message with this video, Anand Mahindra has written that the Dutch Prime Minister clearing the coffee dropped by himself. I salute you, sir. This is a wonderful symbolic message on World Environment Day 2018 that we have made our soil dirty, and now we have to clean our own mess.

when Dutch PM Mark Rutte was going to the Dutch Parliament, he had a cup of coffee in his hand, but as soon as he entered the parliament, the coffee cup of his hand was cut off. After this, the PM wiped the housekeeping staff of the Parliament and took it and started cleaning the fallen coffee. Meanwhile, the Housekeeping staff stood up and applauded the praise of this Prime Minister for his goodness. A lot of people are liking this video of the Dutch PM on social media and are fondly commenting on it.


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