Weird Marriage Laws From Around The World; You Won’t Believe Are Real..

September 5, 2018

There are many strange rules and laws associated with marriage in the world. If a bridegroom or bride does not attend the program, even if there is a marriage, then even after the death of a partner, it is possible to get married again. Let’s know some of the same rules and regulations, which you have hardly heard about.

Men in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to marry women from four countries. These countries include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Chad.

There are also unique laws of marriage in America. For example, in Vermont, women have to get permission from the husband who is involved before making fake teeth at the time of marriage.

People in Monaco have to tell everyone about marriage. However, after marriage in Greece, people have to print this information in the newspaper. Those who do not print the details on the newspaper, they send information to others about this through a message written on a piece of paper. This is done for about 10 days continuously.

Since Japan, there has been a culture of respecting elders. According to a law here, during the marriage, the elder brother can ask for the hand of the bride of his younger brother. The consent of both of them for marriage is necessary on that.

There are some similar rules and regulations in England and Wales. One law says that the wedding will be fixed on the roof and at a limited place.


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