A Woman Dies As Husband Performs Delivery Watching YouTube Videos

July 30, 2018

In Tamilnadu, a man started delivering his wife after watching Youtube video, but it was too dangerous to do and the wife died. Krithiga, wife of Rajendran living in Tirupur, Krithiga was pregnant. she was a teacher in a school. At the same time, her husband works in the Garment Factory. Rajendran and his wife had decided that they would get their delivery at home. For this, both of them watched a video on YouTube. With the help of the video, the child tried to deliver at home, but in the end, his wife died, but the child was saved safely.

Krithiga gave birth to a baby of 3.3 kg, but after that, she died due to excess bleeding. Krithiga Reddy’s father Rajendran said that her first child was delivered at the hospital but Krithiga wanted her second child to be born in the house.

Krithiga’s friend recently gave birth to a baby in her house, after then, both husband and wife decided to do the same. After this, she watched the video on YouTube, in which the woman sees the birth of a child at home. Rajendran also called his two friends for his help. According to the video, on Sunday, when the childbirth started, she tried to deliver the baby according to the video. Krithiga gave birth to the child, but due to excessive bleeding, she died.


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