WTF!! UK School To Allow Boys To Wear Skirts

June 6, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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A boarding school in the UK has allowed the boys studying here to voluntarily wear skirts. This school is named Uppingham School, which is located in Rutland. The school’s teacher says that if a boy expresses his wish to wear a skirt, he will be allowed to do so. The celebrity has studied celebrity Rick Stein and Stephen Fry from this school.

The school’s annual fee is Rs 33 lakhs. In this boarding school, the first student got admission in the year 1973 and presently the boys and girls read together here. Richard Maloney, the teacher who joined the school in 2016, said, “I hope any student can come to me and say that I want to wear this dress and we will allow it.

Even before this, the school had started using the pupil term instead of the student to eliminate gender discrimination. Actor Christian Jason, who had studied for 3 years in this school, had said that if he got the approval to wear a skirt in school, he probably would like to wear it. He said that the gender neutral uniform is necessary for elimination of discrimination.

Maloney said that last year a student came to school wearing a long skirt. Many schools in the UK are implementing gender neutral uniforms here. At the same time, there were separate uniforms for boys and girls in Uppingham .

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