You Will Not Belive That These Are Not Indian Originated Products!!!

August 30, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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From ‘0’ to ‘chess’ to ‘shampoo’ India has made quite a few inventions that have helped the world. But there are few things that India has adopted from other countries.

Potatoes – Majority of our cuisines rely heavily on Potatoes. But this crop is actually brought from Southern Peru and South Western Bolivia hundreds of years ago. It was first farmed in India by the Portuguese in an early 17th century.

Kite – Makarsankrati is incomplete without kites! But guess what, kites were bought to India by the Chinese people in around the 4th and 7th century.

Chai/Tea – Our beloved Chai…A beverage majority of us are addicted to, was first made in China. And was popularized here by Britishers.

Rajma – The deadly combo of Rajma-chaawal was invented only after the red kidney beans came to India from Central Mexico and Guatemala.



Hand knitting – Knitting was started by the Egyptians and later on, it became popular in India due to the Britishers.

Biryani – It originated in Iran (modern-day Persia) and became popular in India due to the Mughals.

Samosa – This potato filled delicacy was actually originated in the Middle East. It was called Sambosa and was brought to India many moons ago by Muslim merchants.

Maggi – Every millennial’s all-time favorite snacks, Maggi was invented by a guy, Julius Maggie from Switzerland. Maggi was invented in 1872.

While all of these were invented on foreign land we have gradually managed to make all of these Indian in our own unique and desi ways.

Source: The Pillar

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