World’s Largest Last Male Rhino Dies

March 21, 2018

World’s Largest Last Male Rhino

The last northern white male rhino died in the world. It was cared for by an institution that protected wildlife in Kenya. According to the institution, now only two female rhinos of this subspecies survive in the world.

The world’s last white rhino ‘Sudan’ died on March 19 at the age of 45. There was an infection on her leg, which was being treated for a long time.

World’s Largest Last Male Rhino

‘Sudan’ lived with other 2 female rhinos of its species in the Pegasus Conservancy, 250km from Nairobi. Conservatives employees tried to reconcile Sudan’s natural way to protect the species, but they could not do it.

After this, the profile of ‘Sudan’ was also created on the app tinder of the past year, to fund a $ 9 million fund for fertility treatments.

World’s Largest Last Male Rhino

There are thousands of white rhino in the Sahara sub-region of Africa, but due to frequent hunting, the number of northern white rhinos has decreased rapidly. Hunters sell horns of these rhinos at a price of $ 50,000 per kg. As a result of continuous prey, their numbers decreased dramatically and by the 1990s only 400 left the rhinoceros. Whereas in the year 1970 it was 20,000.


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