10 Reasons Why Women are Less Interested in Sex

April 29, 2016

She requires Time

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Maybe you’re hoping to turn this date into a steamy night now that both of you are on the same page and are up for having sex. But even if she’s up for the fun and the sex, she isn’t up for it just yet. Why? She needs the time—to connect with you better, to know you and to know if she will be comfortable with you. Yes, this could mean that the night would end with dinner and a cute peck on the cheek but, nothing more.

There are times when you get on with a person and while sex is not exactly meant to be on the cards, you go ahead and end up having it anyway. It isn’t planned; it’s like just go with the flow….But many a times you might feel your girl doesn’t feel like making it, but certain factors plays a vital role in this…

There are some reasons why your woman is not feeling anything down there and no, it has nothing to do with the love dying out. So, before you give up on her, must read these few points..


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