Exercise is the Best Way to Get Rid of Back Pain, Study Says

January 14, 2016

When people go through back pain, most of the time, they happen to stay in their beds in a hope that they will soon feel better. However, an emerging research disapproves this prior notion, suggesting that exercising is, in fact, the best way to get rid of the pain.

A study collated and examined over 20 previous researches of different types of treatment methods used for lower back pain that involved more than 30,000 participants. On the basis of the data, the study advises that proper exercise plus right education or exercise alone is likely to reduce risk for back pain.

The study discovered that lower back pain complaints decreased to 35 percent over a year in patients who did a range of exercises. Moreover, the numbers increased to 45 percent when these patients who are already working out were taught the proper ways of lifting heavy objects and sitting.

On an average 80 percent or four in every five people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, and it is most likely caused by bad posture, bending awkwardly or lifting heavy objects incorrectly. This discovery thus tackles important issue concerning exercise as a precautionary step for future back pain issues.

The study has found a number of benefits from different types of exercises. The variety includes back and abs strengthening and motion exercises as well as yoga, which is found to be effective for reducing back pain both in men and women, possibly because of the muscle strengthening and stretching both involved in it. However, the latest discovery did not back correlating back belts, shoe insoles and education alone to decrease back pain tendency.

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