Most Important Tips For Rocking Your First Date

June 11, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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Getting intimate for the first time always makes you feel nervous. All that feeling of how will it go, will your partner like it or not, what can you do to make it special etc. etc.

Losing your virginity is such a special moment, so instead of letting the first time jitters overpowering you, both of you should try to make it happen and in a way that both you will remember forever.

Listed are some of the tips that will surely help you in having a extraordinary first time ‘love making’ experience

Set the Ambiance Right:
First times are always special, are’nt they? You want to make sure that it is memorable for you and your partner. Having the right ambiance is a must. You can try having dim lights or candles and some music.

Never jump on to having ‘that thing‘:
Always go slow and steady. It is always important to see how comfortable is your partner with things. You sure don’t want to rush into things and have your partner turned off!! Enjoying each other’s physical company really pays off.

Make your partner comfortable:
Give your partner enough space. Make them feel cozy and have them experience that you are not in a rush. This will surely allow your partner to participate more. Warm hugs and kisses will make wonders!!

Going hogging wild, not a good idea:
Going overboard with things will just end up making you feel more nervous. Take your time and be easy and allow your partner to feel the same. Being overexcited and hyperactive will take the charm away.

Don’t forget to Observe:
Make sure you observe how your partner reacts to your touch and moves. Asking what your partner likes to do and also telling them what you like the most is necessary. Communicate without hesitating, but respect each other’s opinion on type of positions and comfort levels.

Look out for spots that turn your partner ON:
The most important factor while love making is the foreplay. A steamy foreplay will have you enjoy the act more. Be open to know and work on what works with your partner. Know their comfort level and explore what type of touch and where does your partner get excited with. Be careful and it’s not advisable to go with your preconceived notions as it may happen that it does not work with your partner.

Be with what is happening rather than getting into thinking whether it is working the way you thought or not:
It is your first time. Be calm and enjoy each and every moment than speculating whether its happening your way or not.

Don’t forget to use the condom:
It is always better to be safe than sorry. You may be feeling the romance to its height, but you sure don’t want to be ending up into something you are not prepared for. Protecting your partner will take the level to another level of trust.

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