• 4 Coolest Backpackers Hostels In Goa To Stay Instead Of Hotels

    Are you an avid traveler? And Goa is your next hunt and wa..

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  • Live Life Royally at Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace

    The city's blue-painted walls, the dark golden-yellow Mehrangarh Fort basking in the sun as it kisses its walls, the beginning of the Thar desert, the land of chivalrous Rajputs and Jodhpuri pagris - welcome to Jodhpur. In this historic city stands Umaid Bhawan Palace, perhaps the last of India's..

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  • 5 Creepiest Vacation Destinations

    Most people spend their vacation on nice beaches, luxurious hotels, exotic spa, evening music, wine testing, and shopping sprees. Others choose to immerse themselves in the culture and history of their chosen destination, within the safe and secure confines of a museum or national heritage site. ..

  • British aviator, Tracey Curtis-Taylor, lands near Delhi

    British aviator Tracey Curtis-Taylor is flying 13,000 miles (20921.472 km) across 23 countries in three continents in an open cockpit vintage biplane retracing a historic flight of Amy Johnson and has landed on the outskirts of Delhi on Tuesday. Ms. Taylor has interacted with Indian Air Force (IA..

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  • 22 International Destinations Every Middle Class Indians Can Afford

    If you thought economical foreign trips for Indians were only dreams, we're here to prove you wrong. Going abroad is not just about visiting the US or the UK. Because there are loads of beautiful cities and countries in the world that Indians can visit on a budget of less than Rs 70,000. ..

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  • Places To Visit On a Cheap Budget

    How often have you dreamed of going places but are just afraid of having not enough money or are afraid of the consequences on your bank balance? We all have that one yearning to travel the world without putting a dent in our pockets. Luckily enough, with the right kind of planning, you can see almo..