Video: MS Dhoni’s Secret Formula To Hitting Long Sixes

May 11, 2018

Although the team of Team India’s most successful skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been offering the talent, but the style of shooting his sixes is the most special in the cricketing world. Now for the first time, Dhoni has opened the secret behind these special sixes. Not only this, Dhoni also disclosed that which girl first liked him.

At Chennai SuperKing’s event, Dhoni was asked how do you kill such a wonderful sixes? While giving a fun answer to question, Dhoni said, “Close the eye, raise the bat, remember God and turn the ball.”

In this same event, Dhoni was also asked who was his first crush? Dhoni also did not give a funny answer to this and told the witness he will not tell. He said, “When I was studying in the 12th class in 1999, my first crush was Swati.”

Explain that Dhoni and his team Chennai Super Kings are performing in IPL 11. Dhoni’s team won 7 out of 10 matches to become one of the strong contenders of the title. Dhoni himself is also playing a lot in IPL 11 and has scored 360 in 10 matches at an average of 90.


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