Viral Video: Sourav Ganguly, Who Was Seen Dancing In The Nightclub

May 12, 2018

A video of Sourav Ganguly, former captain and opener of the Indian cricket team, has surfaced. Anyone can be surprised to see this video. Actually this video is getting to see Sourav Ganguly in such a way that hardly anyone has seen before today. The special thing in the video is that Sourav Ganguly is dancing in it.

Saurav Ganguly, who is always serious, is dancing like a child. In the video, Sourav is wearing orange-colored shirt. This video is being told of a nightclub in Kolkata. Many more people are seen with Sourav in the video. But any person present there does not seem to be competing against Sourav Ganguly in the matter of dance. Ganguly is dancing with full enthusiasm by raising his hands like a teenager. This would probably be the first opportunity when Sourav Ganguly is seen appearing publicly so much.

Let us know that Sourav Ganguly’s name is one of India’s most successful captains. Sourav Ganguly is said to be responsible behind the selection of young cricketers in the team. It was Sourav who, after all the failures, bet on cricketers like Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Today, these cricketers are at the helm, it is not hidden from anyone.


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