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  • Change Your Twitter Password Urgently Otherwise…

    It is time to change your Twitter password now as the micro-blogging platform has asked its 336 million users to do so across its services after it discovered a bug that stored passwords in plain text in an internal system. In a blog post on Thursday, Twitter said it recently identified a bug tha..

  • Facebook Takes This Step To Curb Data Leakage Of The Users

    Facebook has finally begun its crackdown on third-party apps from stealing, sharing or spamming your data without permission from its platform as well as from Instagram. In a post on its developers' page late on Tuesday, Facebook said the new apps "created from today onwards will not have access ..

  • Indian Businessman Paid Money To Defeat Congress In 2014 Elections; Congress Was Cambridge Analytica’s Client: CA Ex-employee

    Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie on Tuesday told British Parliament that his company worked in India and that he "believe" Congress was a client. "I believe their (Cambridge Analytica) client was Congress but I know that they have done all kinds of projects. I don't remember a ..

  • The Corrective Measures Required Post-Facebook Data Breach

    The Facebook data breach raises urgent questions that need to be answered responsibly by our industry -- given its terrifying scale and impact. In today's world, data is a form of soft power, and it is essential for those who wield it, to use it responsibly so that consumer confidence isn't compromi..

  • Congress Sharing Users’ Data With Singapore-Based Firm: BJP

    The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday accused the Congress of sharing users' data with a Singapore-based firm soon after a French vigilante hacker claimed that its server was located in the island city-state instead of India. The accusation comes a day after Congress President Rahul Gandhi r..

  • PM Modi Leaking Details Of NaMo App Users To American Firms: Alleges Rahul Gandhi

    Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Sunday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of leaking details of his official mobile app users to US firms. "Hi! My name is Narendra Modi. I am India's Prime Minister. When you sign up for my official App, I give all your data to my friends in American companie..

  • ‘Delete Facebook’, Urges WhatsApp Co-founder To Users

    WhatsApp, which was acquainted with the world nine years back, was later possessed by Facebook in 2014 (for $16 billion). This procurement made its prime supporters - Jam Koum and Brian Acton extremely rich people. In the long run, Brian Acton ventured down from WhatsApp to begin his own association..

  • Amid Data Leakage Crisis Facebook Suffers Biggest Drop Of Stocks In Four Years

    The world's largest social media company Facebook suffered the biggest one-day drop of its stocks by seven per cent on Wall Street on Monday in four years following reported data leakage of its 50 million users for alleged political purposes. The Facebook loss came after US and British media repo..