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  • These 8 Things In Your Diet To Keep Your Stomach Calm And Digestive System Healthy

    Eating out and binging on fast food is a common problem, which may upset bowel movements. Keep your digestive system calm by consuming a bit of fennel seeds, ginger, yogurt and papaya, say experts. Nutritionist and dietitian Nmami Agarwal; and Mehar Rajput, nutritionist and dietician at Fitpas..

  • Recipe For Permanent Hair Removal From The Face

    If you want to get rid forever of the unwanted hair from your face and body, try this wonderful recipe that is completely natural and can be made at home. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of turmeric 2 tablespoons flour from chickpeas Little amount of yogurt or milk Preparation: ..

  • Home Remedies To Protect Your Skin In Summer

    The skin is the first to bear the brunt of the summer heat, leading to problems like sun tan, sun burn, skin-sensitivity, rashes and eruptions. There are several home remedies that can help you save your skin, say experts. Bharti Taneja, Founder-Director of ALPS Beauty Group, Shahnaz Husain, CEO ..

  • Homemade Remedies for Body and Hair Massage with Natural Oils

    A full body massage is what you need after a tiring day. A good massage relaxes your body, mind and soul and enhances beauty and health. Heading to a spa everyday is really not possible amidst our busy schedule. Thus, the best option is home remedies and home massages. There are an array of na..

  • How To Use A TENNIS BALL To Get Rid of Nerve & Back Pain !!

    Most usual symptoms of sciatica is pain due to the nerve pathway from your lower back, butt, to the thighs to down below your knees to your feet. It is common to feel tingling or pins like needles in these areas. You’ll also feel weakness. It can be really strange but all that indicates of sciatic..

  • Tips to keep hair woes at bay this monsoon
    Tips to keep hair woes at bay this monsoon

    New Delhi : Along with the rainy season, seeps in the fear of frizzy hair, itchy scalp and hair loss. Hair problems become more frequent in monsoon. But a few tweaks in the daily schedule can stop the monsoon from spoiling the fun, says an expert. Here are some tips on how to take care of your ha..

  • Easy ways to get your dream silky hair

    Though there are days that our hair behaves rather well, and makes us fall in love with it all over again, there’s always this underlying dream of lusher, thicker hair. Let’s face it – healthy, shiny and thicker strands is the ultimate hair fantasy for most of us. We’re here to help you get ..