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  • Top 8 Hottest & Sexiest Female Politicians In The World

    Nicole Minetti - Italy Dental hygienist turned lawmaker was related with Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi and stood out as..

  • Dirty Politics! 10 Worst Politicians of All Time
    Worst Politicians

    There are several politicians who are considered to be extremely corrupted and have a horrible background. U-Turn, Corruption, Controversial statements are their biggest asset that keep them always in the limelight. Here are some of the worst Indian politicians. Let's have a look! ..

  • Supreme Court Seeks Details Of 1,581 Cases Against MPs And MLAs

    The Supreme Court yesterday directed the Centre to place before it details regarding 1,581 cases involving MPs and MLAs, as declared by politicians at the time of filing their nominations during the 2014 general elections. The apex court asked the government to apprise it as to how many of these ..

  • Why Different House Tax Rules For People, Politicians

    Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday asked if the house tax of BJP leader Vijay Goel's mansion could be waived off, then why not for Delhi's commoners. Sisodia said the municipal corporations in August last year decided to exempt tax on Goel's 'haveli' (mansion). "If the Hou..

  • Let’s Become Incorruptible: Kamal Haasan

    Reacting to the current political turmoil in Tamil Nadu, actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan on Wednesday said there's no use blaming corrupt politicians. He suggested that people should become incorruptible. "We've wasted our freedom years gambling our franchise on wrong and corrupt politicians. Let..

  • PM’s Move Checkmated Politicians Hoarding Black Money: Goa CM
    PM's Move Checkmated Politicians Hoarding Black Money: Goa CM

    Panaji: Politicians who were hoping to win elections on the strength of black money have been checkmated, Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar said on Tuesday, calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi's decision to ban currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 a "masterstroke" to check black money. "It is a..

  • This Apps will Solve Your Government Problems
    This Apps will Solve Your Government Problems

    Today is our 70th Independence Day and weall have some problems with Government organizations are very often criticized for their slow way of functioning and delayed decision making. With citizens demanding transparency and openness more than ever, it has become inevitable for these organizations to..

  • NAMO: These 25 Rare and Unseen Photos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will Surprise You to the Core
    Narendra Modi

    There are several photos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which have not been seen by most people. Being the biggest news-maker of India for over a decade and still going strong, Modi always makes breaking news. Here is the list of 26 unseen photos of PM Modi in order to let you have a closer look ..

  • Reforming India’s Bureaucracy: There is No Easy solution
    Reforming India's Bureaucracy: There is No Easy solution

    As someone with first-hand experience of how babudom (bureaucracy) functions in India, I am often amused, and at times distressed, by people's assessment of how to cure the many ills of our bureaucracy. It is understandably difficult for the outside observer to pin down the crux of the problems -..

  • Ever Seen a Duplicate of PM Modi?? Here are the 8 Indian Politicians and their Look Alikes

    It is said that there are at least 7 look alikes in the world who look almost similar like you. Could it happen? Yes, there are individuals who look so like some other individuals that they can basically be termed as carbon copies. Here are a few pictures of renowned Indian Politicians and the..