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  • Britain Prince Harry Caught On Camera Stealing Samosa, Watch Viral Video

    A video of Prince Harry from Britain's royal house is fast becoming viral on the internet these days. It is being claimed that in this video, Prince Harry is seen hiding the samosas in his hands. Actually, ITV News has shared a video from its Twitter handle. Sharing the video, ITV News wrote that "D..

  • World Record For Biggest Samosa Set In UK

    The world record for the largest samosa has been created in London. The enormous snack, weighing in at 153.1 kg, was made by a team of Muslim Aid volunteers at the East London Mosque on Tuesday, the Evening Standard newspaper reported. After claiming their official Guinness World Record, the tea..

  • Perfect Breakfast !! Tangy Punjabi Samosas

    Samosa, a crispy and spicy deep fried snack with a flaky outer layer made of maida and rich filling of mashed potato, peas and spices is a popular street food of India. It’s a favourite snack among people of all ages and generally served with masala tea and tamarind chutney as afternoon snack. ..

  • #Banned Foods & Drinks Around The World..Watch Out This Photos Before You Eat Them !! !!

    11 Foods And Drinks That Are Banned Around The World Different places around the world have put a ban on different foods, and some..

  • OMG!! Nitish Kumar’s Cabinet Imposes 13.5% Tax on Samosa
    Nitish Kumar

    PATNA: The Bihar government led by Nitish Kumar has put the humble samosa on a list of 'luxury items' with 13.5 per cent tax in order to fund development work. The list also consists of kachauri, sweets priced above Rs 500 a kilo and mosquito repellent. The state c..

  • Yummy Pies to Try Out This Winter

    We really get bored to eat one type of food. You have to try out something new to bring plenty of spice each day. And why not, yummy dishes are the best bet when you are hunting for mouth-watering stuffs. Ready to try out an all new taste? Let's check out the best pie recipes! ..