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    Try Coffee Treatment For Supple Skin This Winter

    August 25, 2018

    Coffee turns out to be your best friend to give warmth in the winter season but do you know that you get a supple skin if you try coffee on your skin in the chilly season? Neetu Prasher, Head of Training at Avon India, lists the reasons why coffee is good for the skin in winter. * A coffee bre..

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    Get Your Skin Glowing In Winter

    August 9, 2018

    With the onset of winter wedding season, a number of unconventional treatments and methods have come up to achieve the perfect glowing skin. Try ‘bhasm (a calcined preparation in which the gem or metal is converted into ash) of the birthstones and Vitamin C serums, suggest experts. Vandana Luth..

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    7 Amazing Tips To Get Flawless Skin This Summer

    August 1, 2018

    When it comes to skincare, it’s often simple measures that provide the best results. A good cleanser, a moisturizer and an effective sunscreen are the three most vital skincare essentials that any beauty kit must have. Instead of dabbing moisturizer on your face, massage it on your skin in a..

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    Protect Your Skin From Sun With Home Care Tips

    July 13, 2018

    As the hot and scorching summer is right at the doorstep, instances of diverse skin problems are faced by one and all. To counteract this problem, one can try some Do It Yourself (DIY) remedies. Vivek Mehta, Dermatologist at Pulastya's Cadle Skin Laser Clinic shared few tips to take care that one..

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    Get The lingerie Basics Right With These Amazing Tips

    June 20, 2018

    * Finding the perfect bra is essential for feeling comfortable and for proper support. Wearing a loose fitting bra all day especially during walking or any form of exercise will cause your breasts to sag, eventually damaging the tender breast tissue. Heavier chested women can also experience back pa..

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    Try Different Masks To Hydrate Dry Skin

    April 5, 2018

    During the cold season, skin tends to become dry. Besides using cold creams, dry and flaking skin can be repaired withdifferent hydrating masks suitable for different types of skin. Indulge yourself in overnight masks, masks with superfood and sheet masks, suggest experts. Anirudh Ringe, Educatio..

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    Exfoliate, Apply Sunscreen To Get Rid Of Dry Skin

    December 10, 2017

    Most people associate winter with dry skin. To counter the flaking skin, exfoliate your lips, face and body once a week, and don't forget your sunscreen, suggest experts. Pallavi Mehra, Marketing Manager at VanityCask, and Arzoo Shah, make-up artist at MyGlamm, have shared how: * Exfoliate li..

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    Use Malai, Orange Scrub To Get Softer, Smoother Skin

    December 2, 2017

    Binging on organic food is good to get rid of toxins in our bodies but it is also important to pay attention on what you apply on your body. Cleansers, toners, moisturisers, oils and serums are part of the larger skincare regime, hence right ingredients in these products play an equally important ro..

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    Skincare Myths Demystified

    November 21, 2017

    Don't self-judge your skin and arrive at your own skin diagnosis, say experts who suggest people should use sunscreen is a must even if you don't see the sun outside. Priti Singh, Global Skin Expert, O3+ and Shaivya Gupta, Research and Development Manager at Organic Harvest, have cracked a few my..

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    Give Your Skin Right Detox Post Wedding Season

    November 20, 2017

    Wedding always brings a smile on your face and why not? After all, it also gives you a chance to shop till you drop. But have you ever realised that long hours of makeup, excessive consumption of oily food and sweets and lack of sleep can result in dull, parched skin that is easily acne prone and pi..

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