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  • WhatsApp Is Going To Delete Your All Chats And Photos- Here Is How You Can Save It All

    The social media's famous messaging app WhatsApp is going to soon delete all your data. In fact, Whatsapp has made some changes in its system, after which WhatsApp will delete all the old data from its users. The news is that there is a deal between WhatsApp and Google, under which you can save..

  • IRCTC Live Train Status Via WhatsApp: Did You Know?? How To Check Indian Railways Train Timings

    Indian Railways is constantly increasing its facilities for the passenger. In fact, now the railway has taken an easy way to find the live status of the train for the convenience of the passenger. This will help passengers if the train is running late, Which is the next station, and how long it i..

  • Did You Know ?? WhatsApp Is Testing This New Amazing Features..

    Whatsapp is soon going to bring a new feature, which is currently undergoing testing. According to the news, this new feature will be 'Mark as Read', with the help of which users can mark a message from the notification panel. According to the Mark as Read feature is also working on mute a chat from..

  • What Happens To Our Facebook, Instagram And WhatsApp Once We Die ?

    As most of us spend a considerable amount of time on various digital platforms -- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, WhatsApp and the like -- a pertinent question now arises: What happens to our digital possessions once we die? All those unforgettable personal photos, family videos and friend..

  • Now, To Use Facebook And Whatsapp, Tax Will Be Required.

    In order to stop gossip and rumors on social media, the Uganda Parliament has passed a controversial law, under which people will be taxed for using social media. This law will apply from 1st July. The Uganda President had written to the Finance Ministry while writing a letter that using social m..

  • Cambridge Analytica Shutting Down Following Facebook Data Leak Scandal

    The London-based analytics company Cambridge Analytica is shutting down operations effective Wednesday, following the massive Facebook data breach scandal. Nigel Oakes, the founder of the data firm's parent company SCL Group confirmed that both companies were shutting up shop, The Wall Street Jou..

  • Whatsapp ‘Dismiss As Admin’ New Feature Launched

    Instant Messaging App Whatsapp has brought the new feature 'Dismiss as Admin' for its iOS and Whatsapp web. With the help of which the group's admin can be removed from the group without being removed. This new feature will be found in WhatsApp 2.18.41 version and web app. However, it has not been b..

  • Now Transfer Your WhatsApp Data To New Number Very Easily

    WhatsApp on Friday rolled out a new feature in a Beta update that will soon enable iOS, Android and Windows Phone users migrate their data to a new number without much hassle. The new "Change Number" feature update is currently available in the 2.18.97 Android beta update on Google Play Store. It..

  • ‘Delete Facebook’, Urges WhatsApp Co-founder To Users

    WhatsApp, which was acquainted with the world nine years back, was later possessed by Facebook in 2014 (for $16 billion). This procurement made its prime supporters - Jam Koum and Brian Acton extremely rich people. In the long run, Brian Acton ventured down from WhatsApp to begin his own association..

  • WhatsApp Testing New Payment Feature To Transfer Money Through App In India

    Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp is testing a new payments feature in India that aims to allow people to send money to their friends on the app, the media reported. The feature is currently in beta, but has not been publicly announced because it is not widely available at this time, Tech..