Google To Launch ‘Offline Search’ App

January 24, 2017
Google To Launch 'Offline Search' App

Google To Launch ‘Offline Search’ App


The Google app came back again with latest update for Android has brought in a useful feature for areas with low connectivity.

The latest update brings ‘offline search’ that enables users to save searches for later, in the poor data connection. Google now stores searches when the user is offline, and shows the result when a connection is re-established.

Google To Launch ‘Offline Search’ App


To prevent this, the new offline search feature will now store the search query in a new section called Manage Searches. The last query will then be searched automatically by the Google app, as soon as you get back online.

Google To Launch ‘Offline Search’ App


The app will send the notification of the search result is ready, and after that results will be displayed in the app.

As mentioned, the Google app now has a new Manage Searches tab that lets you control your offline pending searches, and clear them all if need be.

Google To Launch ‘Offline Search’ App


Google claims that this new search pattern bears no additional baggage on your data usage. This feature is found only in the latest v6.9.37 of the Google app, and can be downloaded from the Google Play.


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