Mars Appears Closest To Earth For The First Time In 15 Years

August 1, 2018

Mars is going very close to Earth on 31 July. If astronomers believe that this opportunity has come after 15 years, Mars is going through such a close proximity of the earth. Explain the distance between Mars and earth is approximately 57.6 million km. Earlier in the year 2003, the Mars has passed so passed to the Earth. that time, the distance between mars and earth was 55.7 million km.

this astronomical phenomenon, the shape of Mars will appear bigger that time. Along with this, due to being close to earth, it will be more radiant than the Jupiter planet. It is known that Venus is called the brightest planet in the solar system. After Venus, the brightness of Jupiter is considered to be the highest. At the same time, due to the passage of the Earth, the brightness of Mars will remain more than the average from 7 July to 7 September.

NASA estimates that again 2020, Mars will be the closest to Earth. At that time, the distance of both of them was 6.2 million kilometers.


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