Famous Actress Reveals She Lost Her Virginity Through Rape

September 7, 2018

In an interview given to Oprah Winfrey, revealed in the comedian and Hollywood actress amy schumer, she was raped by her boyfriend. The actress told that the rap happened with her when she was asleep amy schumer said that he was not alert when raped by his boyfriend. Amy schumer said that his boyfriend had done that unfortunate incident without his consent. Amy schumer said in the interview given to Oprah- “I did not agree and I lost my virginity when I was sleeping and she was not right.” Actress said that due to being raped by a lover during a date, she married virginity ) Was lost. According to the actress, she lost her virginity at the age of 17. According to the website ‘Asshobjot.com’, he first mentioned it in his memoir ‘The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo’ in 2016. Amy told that her physical relation with her boyfriend had not been done with her consent.

However, Amy did not disclose the name of her boyfriend. Amy Schumer also said that although her ex-boyfriend felt bad after this incident. Amy schumer said that when he was in his place, his boyfriend had told about the abusive act that he thought that he was going to do what he (actress) was aware of. The actress said that her heart had broken down because of this incident because she was feeling as though she had been cheated. Amy schumer said that rather than being angry, at that time he understood the need to rest himself and the lover.

What is the experience of the actress about that incident after years? In response to this question, Amy Schumer said, “There is a desire to keep things in their shape so that we can keep them and remove them. I personally would have felt that I lost my virginity due to the rape. I did not agree, we did not discuss it. We were not concerned about this kind of relationship there and we talked about things. We were open to each other. ”


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