Check Out Most Useless But Most Expensive Things In The World

June 6, 2018

Check Out Most Useless But Most Expensive Things In The World

Check Out Most Useless But Most Expensive Things In The World

It is strange when we here that many people have money but they are wasting it to buy or to make such useless things in the world.

If they donate the 10% percent money to poor people then also it the economy of the country will came upwards. So here is the list of most expensive but useless things.

Diamond Studded Contact Lens

People who love to wear contact lens cannot afford this one. Because this contact lens are diamond studded. Who wants to try the diamonds in their eyes.

It has total 18 diamonds and you can’t wear it without hurting your eyes and nobody wants to do that.

Diamond Studded Chess Set

This chess set comes with black and white diamonds. The pieces have 320 carats of black and white diamonds. There are only seven of these sets and it took 4,500 hours to create each set.

Diamond Studded Cricket Ball

This cricket ball is made up by Gitanjali Gems Limited in 2007. It exactly looks like a miniature ball and it is made up of 5,728 diamonds.

Gold Bathroom

How people think to waste the valubale gold to make bathroom such a impossible thing.

Gold Toilet Paper

This 3-ply gold toilet paper is made up of 22 carat gold flakes and the price of this gold toilet paper is $1.38 million.

LEGO Block

The LEGO block is made up of 14 carat gold and the weight of the block is 2.65 grams. The price of the LEGO block is $14,450.

Platinum Handbag

On June 14th, 2007 design company Ginza Tanaka presented this brilliant-platinum handbag at a fashion show in Tokyo.

The handbag was made of pure platinum and decorated with 2,182 brilliants for 208 carats in total. The price tag at handbag, is also brilliant- $ 1, 630,000.

Ruby And Diamond Pen

If you a very bad habit to borrow pen from someone or to forgot about your pen after giving someone, then this time you will not forgot after purchasing this pen.

Yes, it is true this ruby and diamond studded pen is most expensive with 150 carats of invisible Burma rubies and 15 carats of diamonds.

Gold Bathtub

Bath-time, Cleopatra style. Naturally everyone loves to bath in this bathtub.

Tea Bag

This tea bag is made up of the diamond and the price is $14,000. It is most expensive because no one can going to use it as normal tea bag.

It is made up of 280 diamonds and real tea leaves are place inside the tea bag. It was made for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Brook Bond’s PG.


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