These 12 Things Are Banned By Public Schools

June 10, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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    These 12 Things Are Banned By Public Schools

    These 12 Things Are Banned By Public Schools

    In our school days we have to follow the school rules whether we like it or not. But in many schools there are totally weird or we can say that non-sense rules are apply on students.

    Today we have provide you such rules which are totally non-sense and we can say that they should not to apply on students. So check out the list.

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    Ban On School Shirt

    Smith Cotton HS in Missouri's marching band designed a tee shirt that said "Evolution of Brass" and a graphic illustrating it.

    The school completely rolled over and capitulated to the adult tantrum, buying all $700 of shirts from the band to keep them out of the school.

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    Bathroom Stall Doors

    It is weird to heard that in 2012, a High School in Texas removed the doors on their bathroom stalls and claim that it was for student safety.

    It was really to prevent students from participating in "certain activities" in the bathroom. Because if you're willing to do "certain activities" in a public school bathroom, the lack of a door is what's gonna stop you.

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    Best Friends

    Seriously, it is most bad ban ever apply by the school Thomas's Private Day School in London spoke strongly against having best friends for children ages 4-10 because these friendships are seen as "too obsessive" and "unhealthy".

    The theory behind the ban is really ridiculous. They thought that These obsessive friendships can be very hurtful for those who are left out of them, and ostracizing is as painful as physical bullying.

    Having a best friend is like bulling all the people who want to be your BFF but aren't, just like telling kids they can't do something because they're too obsessed by it ALWAYS means they stop doing it.

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    Braids And Bows

    Really, it is such idiotic to heard, but true. A British school has a dress code that requires all bows to be dark blue or black which match uniforms.

    So they banned a sweet little FOUR YEAR OLD from her school picture because her dad made her a Lady Gaga style hair bow. It is actually ridiculous banned ever done by school.

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    An elementary school in Menifee, Califnornia temporarily banned dictionaries because a parent took issue with "explicit language".

    The dictionary was removed from a class with students at advanced reading levels, until no parents attended a board meeting to share concerns of the dictionary.

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    Father's Day Cards

    Father's Day Cards were banned in a Scottish primary school so that children of single mothers and lesbians wouldn't feel left out or upset.

    This rule made so that other children who being raised by single fathers or two fathers feel about this, or if anyone stopped being offended long enough to consider their feelings, or the feelings of said fathers.

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    How many schools are there who ban the games. Elementary schools in several states are banning competitive games - tag, flag football and soccer - because they're too dangerous.

    It is really very weird ban that a school apply on students, because it may be affect to the physical health of the students. Dodgeball has already suffered the same fate.

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    Halloween was banned by a Pennsylvania school in 2013 because some parents considered it to have religious overtones, even so far as refusing to send their children to school on 10/31.

    They didn't want them to participate. Probably the same parents that complain when Starbucks doesn't have a Christmas tree on their holiday cup.

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    Chicago area school banned on homemade lunches, so the principal of Chicago's Little Village Academy just banned them in 2011. Students all have to eat the school cafeteria lunch, unless they have a medical exemption. Poor kids.

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    Red Pen

    Some UK schools have banned teachers from using red ink to mark students incorrect answers because it is considered too upsetting for students because it is considered as very negative color.

    Now the teachers use emotionally neutral black or blue ink, and are "encouraged" to write several positive comments about *every* piece of work turned in. It's going to be fun when these kids leave school and have a boss.

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    Skinny Jeans

    School in Texas was banned Skinny Jeans in 2009. To drive this point home, the school also banned striped & checked shirts.

    Some parents responded to a dress code in the most reasonable way possible: they pulled their children out of school and home schooled them instead.

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