This Woman Disappears On Live TV, And The Internet Can’t Handle it …

June 2, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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These days, a video is a huge hit on the Internet. According to Media reports, this happened during live TV interview. The incident took place during the interview of the TV channel of Norway. In the video, a person is interviewing a TV at the airport. Many passengers are going there during this time, the goods are being checked. Only then does a woman talk to another woman standing right there. After that the woman goes ahead but the woman she was talking to is not seen on camera!

This video has been posted on YouTube on March 17 and since then it has seen 2,504,019 people. The people watching the video are saying that the woman has not disappeared. While some say that it is extremely surprising how a woman suddenly stops appearing. One commentator says that the woman did not disappear but went out with the woman carrying the trolley.

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