How to Recover WhatsApp chat and Photos

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Hi friends! Today, we’ll be discussing How to Recover WhatsApp chat and Photos. All photos and messages were deleted by WhatsApp. Sometimes, accidental WhatsApp Video or Photo Delete can be done. While some of these photos and videos are not of any use to us, others are vital.

WhatsApp is an indispensable tool for daily messages, photos, documents, maps and video sharing. We also share videos and photos every day on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Encryption Service was born. We all now share important documents, photos, videos, and other media. WhatsApp allows you to enable WhatApp Encryption so that no one can read your messages or files.

How to Recover WhatsApp chat and Photos

After securing WhatsApp, we can share important photos and videos. Sometimes, due to the Unwanted space being cleared or some other reason, we cannot recover the photos and videos due to a lack of a proper method to retrieve them. This happened to me as well. I found information with WhatsApp help online, and today I will tell you about the WhatsApp Recovery Tips.

WhatsApp already offers BackUp, and I’ve already mentioned it in WhatsApp Backup Kaise Kare.

You can save WhatsApp backup to your Google Drive on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, but you will need to have the Google Drive password.

You Have To Set up your Gmail account.

When we create a WhatsApp account, it asks us to set up our Local backup. You can set up your Gmail here and create a WhatsApp account by clicking here. These steps will help you get started if you are still not sure.

How do I back up to my Local drive?

  • First of all, open a WhatsApp account.
  • Go to Settings by clicking on the Menu button provided on the right side corner above.
  • After going to set, go to Chat Option and then from Chat Option to Chat backup option.
  • If you did not set up your Backup Account, then click on Add Account and enter your Gmail account.
  • Then by clicking on backup, you can save Backup of all messages, videos, and photos in the current time.
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This will create a backup file in our local storage and all WhatsApp content will be saved. We cannot retrieve it until then. It is not possible to connect it directly to a drive. Our local Backup is activated when we connect it with Google Drive.

Step to Deleted all Photos & Messages From Recovery App from WhatsApp:

How to Recover WhatsApp chat and Photos? This question has many answers. We will only discuss those that are simple and work.

We have been notified that a WhatsApp Group or Personal Chat user has deleted a photo or video they sent to us. The best way to get it back is to request the person again and ask them for it.

If the person refuses to give us back video or image, he may not have it. We will need to use technology to retrieve deleted Whatsapp videos and photos.

How to Recover WhatsApp chat and Photos? I have used Free WhatsApp Recover Software has been used by me. Its name is How Dr. Fone, which is WhatsApp recovery. This Windows Application can be installed in your system. It can recover deleted Whatsapp videos and photos. You can use WhatsApp to retrieve WhatsApp Video and Photo.

Dr. Fone Once we have installed Fone Software, any WhatsApp attachment that has been lost can be easily recovered if it was deleted for some reason. To do this, you will need to open Seiko and connect your device to the computer via the data cable.

We can then scan your photo and video by clicking WhatsApp & Attachment Option. Then click Start Scan to download any file you wish to restore or recover.

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How to Recover WhatsApp chat and Photos
Image Credit: Dr. Fone


Important Note: (How to Recover WhatsApp chat and Photos)

Although Dr. Fone costs money, we can still use some of its features free. Many of the features in Dr. Fone are only available after you purchase the full version.

This is the best way to recover deleted Whatsapp videos and photos. This allows us to save videos and photos with many apps. We can also recover them if we ever need them. What is the most popular Android app?

Dr. Fone is an Android app of Wondershare that allows us to recover all WhatsApp Attachments deleted from our phones.

DigDeep image Recovery: This is Dr. Is even better than Fone, because we can retrieve deleted WhatsApp Video or Photo from both internal and external storage.

The Conclusion: (How to Recover WhatsApp chat and Photos)

Friends, I hope that you understand How to Recover WhatsApp chat and Photos? This article will explain How to Recover WhatsApp chat and Photos. According to me, it is best to be prepared ahead and save all of our WhatsApp videos and images on Online Backup External Drive or Local Backup. This will make it easy to restore them. Comment if you have this method.

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