How To Track Call | Top 10 Call Tracking Software In India

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How To Track Call | Top 10 Phone Call Tracking Metrics Software In India | Customer Service Call Center Tracking Software: Millions of scam calls are operated by cheaters. It isn’t very annoying for ordinary people. Sometimes, such operations cause financial losses. There are several types of software available for calls.

Most of them are used for call tracking, receiving, recording, etc. However, the most crucial feature is caller identification. This facility helps us to identify the real person behind the phone.


How To Track Call | Top 10 Call Tracking Software In India

How To Track The Call | Top 10 Phone Call Tracking Metrics Software In India | Customer Service Call Center Tracking Software

That’s why call tracking software is best to get rid of such misleading information. We give you the Top 10 call tracking software in India in this guide. You can install this application for android, PC, Mac, and others. Few of our recommendations are free to download.

Deetya Soft IVR

This is excellent inbound tracking software for users. Indeed, this application was founded in 2003 by Parshan Vashisht. This fantastic software is best for call tracking, identification, lead generation, etc.

Delta Soft IVR offers massage collaboration to analyze data and deliver reports. You can also avoid call failover by using this tool. Call tracking and automatic pick-up are available in Deetya Soft IVR software. This application can deliver bulk SMS and monitor information effectively.


  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Prevent call failover
  • Also, Call tracking results
  • Deliver bulk SMS
  • Also, Massaging collaboration


Cloudtalk software was developed in 2018 by Martin Malych and Viktor Vanek. This is one of the best call tracking software to operate sales campaigns.

Indeed, cloud talk includes algorithms to perform better customer relationships. In this case, the software provides automatic queues to drive callers to agents. Call tracking and Internal Call Transfer are available in this software.

You can create routing according to customer queries. Besides, this software also provides a professional voice mailing facility for users. Cloudtalk can give you a toll-free number for advanced use. Lastly, you can send bulk SMS for updates, events, and news.


  • Call Queuing
  • Also, Call Recording and reporting
  • Phone routing
  • Also, Professional Voicemail
  • Generate Toll-Free Number
  • SMS integration & Notification


Laure Fisher and Todd Fisher are the founders of this tool. This call tracking software design runs campaigns for startups and other businesses.

Indeed, this is the cleanest and easiest operable software on this list. This caller software offers Multi-Channel Attribution for campaigns. Besides a small tacking facility to collect customer data.

You can automate multiple tasks with this fantastic tool. Potent analysis and Unified Communication are also available in this software. Lastly, the device can be integrated with social channels for efficient use. “How To Track The Call | Top 10 Phone Call Tracking Metrics Software In India | Customer Service Call Center Tracking Software”


  • Multi-Channel Call Attribution
  • Also, Tracking, reporting, and analysis
  • Unified Communication
  • Also, Social media integration


Call fire was founded in 2006 by Dinesh Ravishanker, Komnieve Singh, Punit Shah, TJ Thinakaran, and Vijesh Mehta. This call tracking software is best for small and large businesses.

You can get a massive number of local and international caller data. It helps to run ad campaigns and generate leads for you. Besides, call tracking, texting, Recording, and safe calling facilities are available in this app.

Users can operate voice broadcasts with this software. This app has multiple automated features like texting updates, interactive voice response, etc. Most importantly, you can create custom voice messages for your server.


  • Voice Broadcast
  • Automated Text Messaging
  • Also, Smart Call Tracking and data storing
  • Auto-attendant for interactive voice response
  • Potent Ai algorithm
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This is another best tracking software in India. Mediahawk is best known for marketing campaigns for business owners. This tool helps to track and analyze the data of customers.

Besides, there is a robust algorithm behind the software. It helps to drive data of your contact needs. In the future, you can apply that information in PPC, email, print, and other marketing campaigns. Mediahawk offers a dynamic call tracking facility.

This feature helps operate end-to-end attribution against every call. Besides, there are several other facilities available in this software. Most popular are Call Tracking Integrations, analysis reports, Multichannel campaigns, advanced call handling, and management.


  • Marketing Attribution
  • Also, Call Tracking reports and analysis
  • Perform Multichannel Campaign
  • Also, Advanced Call Handling
  • Multi-channel broadest

Agile CRM

This is a web-based call tracking software in India. Agile CRM offers call tracking, monitoring, and data collection for users. You can also get telephony features in this software.

Real-time customer attraction, monitoring call logs, Recording, etc are also available. Users can look up recent contacts, set upcoming tasks, and other facilities.

The user interface is easy to operate. Agile CRM offers standard API features, including pop-ups, landing pages, etc. “How To Track The Call | Top 10 Phone Call Tracking Metrics Software In India | Customer Service Call Center Tracking Software”


  • CRM integration
  • Also, monitor call logs
  • Also, record a live call
  • set customized greetings
  • Also, API Based facilities
  • Lead management
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CallHippo (How To Track Call)

This is another best call tracking software for businesses. Users can increase productivity and performance effectively. Callhippo provides real-time alerts for certain calls.

You can select unique numbers against specific contacts. Activity logs allow users to record calls, increase time duration, etc. this app also offers to call analysis to measure missed calls, loading, etc. You can select your working hours by using this app. It helps to allow only essential calls during the period.


  • Call Recording
  • Analysis and monitoring
  • Set working hours
  • Set unique numbers

CallRail software

This is an excellent call center software for users. You can track and record calls for better understanding and identification. Besides, there are several features available in this software.

Users can track every phone number, calling flow, percentage of specific calls, etc. real-time data monitoring and profile visitors count is also available in this software.

With the help of Call Flow Builder, users can create call forwarding, routing, and scheduling. This software offers integration features to drive previous data of specific numbers.


  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Also, Call Flow Builder
  • Integrate call data
  • Also, Machine-learning software
  • Call forwarding
  • Also, Recording and tracking
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This software helps to perform marketing through phone calls. Most commonly, call center companies use this tool regularly. This call tracker identifies the needs of customers.

Indeed, this data helps to show them potential ads that convert. Besides, unique Vanity Phone Numbers features are also available. This facility helps to track call sources in real-time. You can convert every call into a profitable customer.

Most importantly, this software gives a high-performance dashboard to operate several tasks. In short, the tracker is efficient and effective for businesses.

You can go with their paid services for unlimited facilities. However, This tool offers a free trial for first-time users. “How To Track The Call | Top 10 Phone Call Tracking Metrics Software In India | Customer Service Call Center Tracking Software”


  • Also, Call Management
  • Vanity Phone Numbers features
  • Performance Management
  • intuitive dashboard
  • Also, Reputation Management

Engagebay (How To Track Call)

Last but not least comes Engagebay, Marketing Automation Software for businesses. This tool was founded in 2017 by Sreedhar Ambati. Indeed, The tool is affordable and best for marketing campaigns.

Users can create several landing pages with this software. Marketing automation and web analysis are available in this tool. Users can broadcast email for efficient campaigns.

Indeed, the agency will provide templates for such operations. Autoresponder, reporting, tracking, and analysis are bonuses in this software.


  • Also, Create Landing Pages
  • Marketing Automation
  • Also, Analytics, reporting, and tracking
  • Email Broadcast and templates
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Conclusion (How To Track Call)

So above are the “How To Track The Call | Top 10 Phone Call Tracking Metrics Software In India | Customer Service Call Center Tracking Software”. Most tools are paid but also offer a free trial for users.

Call centers or businesses that are looking for the best call tracking software should go for the above list. Our first pick for best tracking software is Deetya Soft IVR.

This tool has multiple collaboration features than others. Besides, you can track, record, analyze and drive data for campaigns. Still, you should visit the official sites of the above list. Go and check their facilities before selecting the call tracker.

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