Sharda pandit Real Photo, Real name, story, character

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Sharda Pandit is the real-life story of Girija tickoo, played as Sharda Pandit by Bhasha Sumbli. The movie is based on the true case of Girija tickoo, a girl who was brutally raped and killed by terrorists. In this article, you will learn more about her story and character.let’s know full details about Who is Sharda Pandit? Her Real name, Full story, character and much more.

Who is Sharda Pandit?

Many people are familiar with Sharda Pandit as she is featured on The Kashmir Files Movie as the main character, and plays an important role in the plot. A significant part of the story in Kashmir Files is about the 40000 Kashmiri Pandits that were killed and raped, murdered and burnt by Muslims. Sharda Pandit’s Sharda Pandit character Sharda Pandit was inspired by two tragic events. Bhasha Sumbli plays the role of the actress who plays the role. The film ‘The Kashmir Files’ is based on a true story, and it was inspired by two incidents that took place to Kashmiri Pandits.

Sharda pandit songs, Real Photo, story, character

First incident that Sharda Pandit was compelled to sit and watch the blood-soaked rice. The character was based on the real-life spouse of Er. Bk Ganjoo. BK Ganjoo was an engineer from Kashmir. Kashmiri engineer who was killed in the hands of Militants.

The other was from Girija who was the Lab assistant at a state-run institution in Kashmir. She was raped, tortured and then cut in two by Militants it was truly shocking. This was among the most horrific crimes that have ever been committed by humanity to date.

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Sharda Pandit Real Name

Sharda Pandit’s character influenced by the life of two distinct individuals. Both characters relied on the lives of two people in their lives. In the film, it is presented as a single character , however, in reality, the two characters were distinct. The character is superbly performed by Bhasha Sumbli.

Sharda Pandit is actually the main character from the film The Kashmir Files. Nearly everyone has heard of her, has heard the truth about her and has an notion of what she looks like.

Sharda pandit ( Girija Tickoo ) Biography, wiki

Sharda pandit ( Girija Tickoo ) Biography, wiki

Girija Tickoo Brutal Torture

According the reports Girija Tikhoo is allegedly as a Kashmiri Pandit, who was assaulted by a gang and then cut in half while alive. The niece of her, Sidhi Raiana, has recently declared her innocence. Sidhi Raiana took to Instagram and shared that the incident has left her with’shivers crying, nausea, and tears’. The caption read “The Kashmir Files have been released across the globe. The film reveals the horrific nights that my family not only experienced, but also what everyone in the Kashmiri Pandit family went through. TW: Rape, Torture, Murder.”

We have read Girija Tickoo’s tweet by her niece Here is the explanation for what it said.

“I am shivering, numb and a bit nauseated. the midst of tears, shivers and stomach aches since my sister’s father, Girija Tickoo, went to the school to collect her salary. When she returned to her residence the vehicle in which she was driving was stopped.”

“Then my bua was placed into a car together with five other people. One of them was her friend who assaulted her, raped her, and then brutally murdered her by cutting her in the head using a saw used by carpenters. .”

“If the brother of the family had to face the painful fact that their brother wasn’t the one to blame in this horrible fight of hypocrisy, imagine the agony he’d feel. As of now, I’ve never had anyone from my family talk about the incident prior to this moment.”

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Girija Tickoo – sharda pandit Real Photo

Sharda pandit songs, Real Photo, story, character

Bhasha Sumbli

Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files director, Bhasha Sumbli spoke out about how the horrific shooting affected her family members after playing Sharda Pandit. As a Kashmiri Pandit, Bhasha revealed that during filming of the most frightening scene, she experienced an attack of panic. Bhasha Sumbli is a key role in the film which depicts the departure of Kashmiri Pandits in the 1990.

Alongside sharing images of the messages she received from her fans, Bhasha, who was played by Anupam Kher’s daughter-inlaw, Sharda Pandit, has received applause for the performance. Bhasha’s portrayal as Sharda Pandit has garnered praise from all sides as well as heartfelt messages from Kashmiri Pandits as well as Instagram DMs from well-known celebrities. The actress managed to maintain an even head when filming The Kashmir Files, she acknowledged that it was not difficult.

The memory of the brutal massacre was painful for a different Kashmiri Pandit named Bhasha Sumbli. While filming an extremely emotional scenes from the film Basha was unable to handle her emotions because of relatives’ tales of the deportation. An incident on set led to an anxiety attack, as well as three days of complete isolation for the actress.

Bhasha Sumbli As Sharda Pandit

Sharda pandit songs, Real Photo, story, character

Bhasha Sumbli has been praised by both viewers and actors for her performance as Sharda Pandit in the show. The actress who plays a Kashmiri Pandit in a movie claims that it was difficult for her to perform the roles, since she hails from the region. She was also able to recall an incident when she was afflicted with panic attacks during filming.

The film was released at the Big Screens on March 10th 2022. It was in conflict in the same way as Radhe Shyam which was a film made in 2022 and has been a huge success on the screen.

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Which scene from “The Kashmir Files” hit you the hardest?

There are several emotionally charged scene that are featured in The Kashmir Files that hit viewers with a hefty punch. The film vividly depicted the brutal treatment of Kashmiri Pandits, who were forced to force the Pandits to leave their homes and their families in order to protect their lives. Many people were crying in the cinemas while watching the film. This is why the film is able to hit you right on the moment.

If I had to choose the scene that shook me most, it would be the final scene in the film where rebels dressed to appear as Indian Army officers killed somewhere about 20-25 Kashmiri Pandits in the refugee camp. The separatists not only evicted away from their home, but also came to the refugee camp, too and selectively picked the Hindus who were there, and made them line up and in front of the line was a trench which was dug.


She was married to Girdhari Lal Tickoo, who was from Bandipora district in Jammu and Kashmir. As per media sources, at the time of death, she had two children (one son and one daughter).

What would you like to know who is shiva Pandit who is shiva Pandit Kashmir Files?

Shiva was just another Kashmiri Pandit boy who used to play cricket in the valleys of Kashmir. The face that has been forgotten for a long time is of the Kashmiri Pandit in pheran who was a wearer of his “Om” locket around his neck. This book Kashmir Files is filled with stories and anecdotes I have heard as I grew as an exiled Kashmiri Pandit in exile.

Who was responsible for the murder of Kashmiri Pandits?

The local pandit organisation of Kashmir, Kashmir Pandit Sangharsh Samiti after conducting an survey in 2008 and 2009 reported there were 399 Kashmiri Pandits were murdered by militants from 1990 to 2011 , with the majority of them killed in the first season of Kashmiri insurgency.

Who created Kashmir documents?

The Kashmir Files is a 2022 Indian drama in Hindi, produced and written by Vivek Agnihotri.

Who is Sharda Pandit’s character in The Kashmir Files Based On?

Sharda Pandit tells the true account about Girija hero, the girl brutally sexually assaulted, beaten and murdered by terrorists.

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