Top 5 Health Fitness Apps in India 2022

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Top 5 Health Fitness Apps in India 2022: Today fitness is being given great importance. Through fitness, you stay away from many diseases. It is also the secret to your longevity. That is, if you are healthy, then you are less likely to have any type of physical problem.

Keeping fit due to rising levels of pollution, unhealthy food intake and sluggish lifestyles is also a big challenge in a developing country like India.

But in the era of digitalization, smartphones can also help keep you healthy. You can track your activity with sleep tracking apps, fitness level, fitness tracking apps, and sound sleep to workout tracker apps.

Actually, many sensors installed in Android smartphones track your activity. Secondly, such apps also guide you like a trainer from time to time.

Top 5 Health Fitness Apps Android in India 2022

Some apps also provide diet and workout plans according to your body type. Today I am telling you about the Top 5 health fitness apps tracking. One of these apps must be on your mobile.

1. Calorie Counter: MyFitnessPal

My Fitness Moment’s Calorie Counter app is one of the Top 5 Health fitness apps to help you lose weight. It guides you on what to eat throughout the day.

This app has a database of over 6 million food products, including global items and dishes. In this, you can also add the food you eat manually.

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It has Recipe Importer, Restaurant Logging, Food Insights, Calorie Counter, etc.

The top health fitness apps have over 350 exercises. Which can help you achieve your goals.

2. HealthifyMe (Top 5 Health Fitness Apps)

Healthify is an Indian digital weight loss platform that provides fitness services. It is the largest online food calorie counter in India.

This app is also designed and Available on both Android & iOS platforms. It facilitates calorie tracking, water tracking, and on-the-cloud fitness coaching.

The app has data of more than 1000 activities. Many certified nutritionists, fitness trainers, and yoga instructors also help you with these top health fitness apps.

3. JEFIT Workout Tracker

Top 5 Health Fitness Apps in India 2022

JEFIT is a fitness tracker app and gym trainer. It provides a free fitness plan to help you stay active after good shape and sessions. It has more than 1300 detailed exercises.

Available for Android and iOS users, these top health fitness apps easily track body details.

4. Daily Yoga (Top 5 Health Fitness Apps)

Top 5 Health Fitness Apps in India 2022

If you do regular yoga then this app is for you. This app tells you tips and variations to do yoga daily.

This app also provides instructions with tips and timers to help you track your exercise session. It also has a voice clip that makes you focus. This app runs on all Android phones.

5. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking

Top 5 Health Fitness Apps in India 2022

Google Fit is a workout tracker app created by Google. It records fitness activities through mobile sensors. It marks your speed, route, height, etc. Apart from this, it also tracks your walking and other activities.

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This app also keeps data on how many steps you have taken and how many calories you have burnt. You do not get to see any advertisements in these top health fitness apps.

// Conclusion //

You must have understood how these top health fitness apps work. Also, how can you use them during your fitness journey?

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