How to turn off Truecaller’s Last Seen Time display? These are the Simple Steps

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Truecaller: Turn off Showing the Last Seen Time – Do your friends and family hate seeing the time they last saw? You’re not the only one who doesn’t like seeing the time your family or friends last saw? Truecaller’s intrusive feature is a common complaint. Our blog can help you! This article will show you how to turn off Truecaller’s last seen time. You can keep your privacy, or you don’t like to be disturbed while on your vacation. We have a solution for you!

With Truecaller’s availability feature, users can check if the person they want to call is available. Truecaller claims that the availability feature is designed to make sure you get the right person at the right time. The feature only informs other users if it is suitable to speak. Truecaller is a great caller ID and spam filtering app. It has been downloaded over 500 million times worldwide. It quickly removes unwanted calls, spam and telemarketers from all your calls and messages. Nearly all Truecaller users contribute to the spam list that is maintained by its community. It is updated every day.

Truecaller: Turnoff showing last seen time

Truecaller is the perfect app for those who like to keep track who’s calling and how long they’ve been on the phone. Truecaller automatically displays who is calling you and how long they’ve been on the phone. Open Truecaller, go to privacy > show last seen times and turn off this feature. If you do not want this feature to be displayed in your caller history, you can disable it completely. It is important to remember that while this feature will not allow others to see when you are available or unavailable for a call it will still display the duration of the call.

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If you are okay with people not knowing when you’re available or unavailable, turn off the Truecaller show last seen time. Truecaller records the last time a user has been seen. This functionality allows other users to see the last time a user used the app. This functionality was first introduced in WhatsApp and Facebook, but it’s now also available in other apps. The latest Truecaller version allows you to determine whether a user is unavailable for a call or if their phone is in silent mode. Some users may find this feature intrusive. All major social networking apps now offer a way to modify their active status. Truecaller follows suit and has added this function to hide the ‘last seen’.

Turnoff Showing Last Seen Time On Truecaller Details

BrandTurnoff Showing Last Seen Truecaller
ModelTurnoff Last Seen Truecaller
Official SiteTruecaller

Truecaller Details: Turnoff showing last seen time

How to hide last seen on Truecaller

The app’s incredible features, including blocking spam calls and recording calls, backing up contacts, and backing up contacts, make it a popular choice for smartphone users. You can check if a contact is on another call by checking availability. It displays a red circle if a contact is currently on another call. A green dot signifies that the contact is available to receive calls. It is an excellent function. However, there are privacy concerns. The program monitors your phone’s use in the background and displays that information as your Last Sight. The Availability function on the Truecaller app is automatically turned on unless you manually turn it off. This article will help you if you don’t want anyone to see your phone usage patterns. This article will show you how to disable Availability and hide Last Seen in the Truecaller app.

What Did Truecaller Have Last Seen Depends On?

It is important to understand how Last Seen in Truecaller works and what factors impact it. Truecaller Last Seen is different from WhatsApp. It relies on app activity and internet connectivity. Last Seen is only visible if the user has an active internet connection, and is logged in to the Truecaller app. Last seen time does not always correspond to the most recent call time. Last Seen is also affected by the presence of an app on the person’s smartphone. According to this, you won’t see someone’s Last See if they don’t have the Truecaller app installed on their phone.

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What is the secret to it?

If there is a red bell icon beside the number, it means that the phone is in silent mode. Red phone icons indicate that the user is using the phone. You can also see the ‘Last Seen Time’ information to determine when the user last used this program. This is only available to Truecaller users who have an internet connection and are active. However, there is a limitation to this feature. To be able see the availability of another person, they must have Truecaller installed. This feature can be helpful in letting callers know when someone is not available. It could also be considered a privacy issue by some. Truecaller automatically modifies this feature. You could also be making public information that you don’t wish others to see. This situation is where you have the option to disable this feature.

How do I disable the Truecaller Last Seen function?

To disable the Availability function, you must first open the application. Next, tap the three dots at the top right corner. You will see the settings option at the bottom. Click on it, then choose “Privacy” from the menu. The “Availability” option is at the top of all the selections. You can toggle the feature off to disable it.

What is Truecaller?

This smartphone software can be used to identify unknown callers, even if they’re not in your contact list or address. Truecaller helps you avoid being harassed by unknown callers and also provides information about unknown callers, as well as blocking nuisance calls. It is very effective in identifying and blocking annoying calls. It can be installed on Android, Windows Phone, iOS and BlackBerry devices. It needs internet connectivity in order to function. The interface is user-friendly. You can use Wi-Fi and mobile data.

How to Hide Last Seen in Truecaller

Truecaller is an excellent app to manage phone calls and contacts. It allows users to see who has contacted them and when, as well as any notes that were made during the conversation. Truecaller allows users to hide their last seen time to prevent being bombarded with notifications. Follow these steps to do this: To open Truecaller, tap the three lines at the top left corner (menu choices). 2. Tap on “Last Seen Time” under ‘Settings”. Deaktivate ‘Show last visited time for all contacts’. 4. You’re done!

  • Open the Truecaller App on your Android Phone.
  • Tap on the hamburger icon to reveal it.
  • Click on “Settings” from a menu of choices.
  • You will find all the settings that you need to modify Truecaller behavior. Click on the option “Privacy Center”.
  • Tap on the toggle button at the top of the Availability option. The toggle button ON will show Truecaller users if a Truecaller user is busy or on silent mode.
  • It will turn it off so that other users cannot see your Last Call activity.
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Truecaller Feature

Truecaller is an effective technology that can identify the caller, regardless of their identity. Truecaller doesn’t show “Private Number”, “Anonymous” or any other information on incoming calls. The app can be used to search for any number simply by entering it into the app. You will also receive additional information such as the phone provider and a profile photo. It is important to know if the contact is available. A contact’s green dot indicates that they are available to receive calls. A red dot indicates that they are currently on another phone call. The app displays your “Last Seen”, based on how you use your phone. The app initially displays the ‘Availability’ feature as active. You will need to manually turn it off.


Are you fed up with seeing the time when your contacts were last on Truecaller? This blog is for YOU! This blog will show you how to disable Truecaller’s last seen time. We will also show you how Truecaller hides last seen. Follow the steps below to get the desired result.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How can I disable Truecaller’s last seen time?

To disable the Availability feature, first open the application. To see more options, tap on the three dots at the top right. The settings page will appear at the bottom. In the Settings menu, you’ll find Privacy.

What is Truecaller Show’s last appearance?

The last time you were seen is the last time you were seen on your phone. This applies regardless of Truecaller running in the background. You will not be able to see their status if they aren’t on Truecaller, or if you have disabled their Last Seen feature.

When was the Truecaller Show last viewed?

This person was last seen on 6/25/2017 at 5:00 pm. You’ll also see symbols if the other party is on a phone call or their phone is off.

What is Truecaller’s last known location?

To turn off the Availability function, first launch the application. The top right will show three dots. The settings option will be found at the bottom. Next, tap on the Privacy icon.

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