Step By Step: How To Make Delicious Aloo Tikki BURGER

September 7, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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Usually the kids like pizza-burgers are very much like. On the day the children keep demanding such fast food. It is difficult to carry them out everyday. Besides, out-of-the-box pizza-burgers are also harmful for their health. You can feed the kids by making potato tikki burgers at home only.

Make potato tikki burgers in this way at home. These kids will love it very much. It is also healthy with test, which will not harm children’s health. Learn the recipe of Aloo Tikki Burger…

Aloo Tikki -2
Burger Buns – 2
Tomato sauce – 2 Spoon
Cabbage leaf -2 piece
Mayonnaise – 2 Spoon
Tomato – 2 Slice
Onion – 2 Slice
Cheese – 2 Slice
Butter – 2 Spoon

Recipe Of Aloo Tikki Burger
-For making aloo tikki burger, first of all, cut the Bun from the middle and divide it into two parts.
-After this, add butter and heat it.
-Bake the Bun properly in butter.
-Place the Bun in a plate and spread the spoon with tomato ketchup on it.
-Now put the cabbage leafs on it and put the mayonnaise over it and then put the Aloo tikki.
-After this, put the onions and tomatoes slices on it.
-Put the second part of the beans by placing the cheese slices in the end.
-Ready Aloo tikki burger

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