Model Turn Actress Anam Tanoli Commit Suicide

September 3, 2018

A model of a model in Pakistan’s Lahore city has died. The model has been identified as 26-year-old Anan Tanoli. Anam’s corpse was found hanging on the fan in her house Saturday. Anam used to live with her husband and two children in this house. The husband of the model claims that she has committed suicide due to excessive stress.

Lahore Police has arrested Anam’s husband Naved Hamid. The police are engaged in interrogation in this case. Naved told the police that she was in tension due to her professional and personal life these days. She was also continuously treating a psychiatrist. On Saturday, she took the time to meet the doctor.

Naved told the police that, on Saturday, when he asked Anam to be ready to go to the doctor, on Saturday, he asked to be ready to walk. The unmarried girl went into the room after talking about the change. When she did not come out for a long time, I knocked on the door and tried to call him. But when she did not answer, I broke the door. Ongoing inside I saw that she was hanged from a fan with a scarf. I took him from the trap and took him to the hospital. Where the doctors declared him dead.

Gaurav Shingala


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